Must Know Things about Electronic Cigarette Mod Kit Australia

Due to the growing popularity, electronic cigarette industry implements lots of changes year after year. One such successful change is “Mod” or else known as “Modification”.


Why Electronic Cigarette Mod Kit Australia Came into Existence?

People have changed from tobacco smoking to electronic cigarette. And now there is yet other change in size of electronic cigarette in the market. The mod cigarette kit contains batteries, charger, cartomizers and other components in more improvised version. The batteries in this kit are replaceable batteries with longer duration and warranty. To put it simply, the electronic cigarette mod kit Australia is enhanced version of electronic cigarettes.

Types of Mod Kit:

The mod cigarette is available in almost all sorts of shapes and sizes. Though there are plenty of mods based on themes, the broad classification are – mechanical mods and PV (personal vaporizers). Is the word “mechanical mod” confusing? However the sole purpose of this type of mod kit is to deliver power to heating element. This mod kit also ensures that there is no electronic components present in the kit. The switches available here also works under mechanical principal to the coil. The mechanical mods does not work based on voltage regulators and hence the voltage output is considered to be directly proportional to the actual batteries output.

The other type of electronic cigarette mod kit Australia – variable voltage mod provides extra-ordinary performance comparatively. Here, in this mod, voltage can be varied to adjust the vapor production during exhaling and the throat hit effect. If you are a vapor lover then this variable voltage mod kit would be suitable since it produces more vapor than other sorts of electronic cigarette. The variable voltage e-cigarette uses 3.7 volt and booster circuits in batteries which regulates power and deliver it to cartomizers.

Well, I think now you are clear about mod kits and its types.

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